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ce certificate

Our company proudly engages in activities related to CE certification, which includes both existing machines of our partners and the machines we design ourselves. The CE marking ensures that our products comply with the stringent safety, health, and environmental protection requirements that apply across the European Union.

Certification of Partner Machines
For the CE certification of our partners' existing machines, we conduct comprehensive inspections and assessments to ensure compliance with relevant directives. This involves reviewing technical documentation, performing risk assessments, and recommending necessary modifications or improvements to meet the standards. Our goal is to ensure that our partners' machines are not only safe but also reliably operable in the long term within European markets.

Certification of Our Own Designed Machines
For the machines we design ourselves, the CE certification process begins at the design stage. We pay attention to ensuring that every component and function complies with the latest European standards. Throughout the development process, we work closely with certification bodies to ensure that the final product meets all necessary requirements. The certification process includes compiling technical documentation, issuing a declaration of conformity, and placing the CE marking on the machines.

Benefits and Importance
CE certification is not just a legal obligation but also a business advantage, as it increases the competitiveness and marketability of our products within the EU. For our customers, it is a clear indication that our products meet the highest safety and quality standards.

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