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Maintenance and service

Maintenance, service


Robot-Service Ltd. started its activities in the world of industrial automation in 2011. Our main profile is the construction, maintenance and servicing of robot cells, custom machines and devices.


Our goal is to offer products and services that our customers can be completely satisfied with, so long-term operation is a key consideration even during the design phase, which we can ensure through preventive maintenance.


Our skilled engineers and technicians have more than a decade of experience in the complete maintenance of robot cells, custom machines and devices. Our expertise and competence enable us to maintain and service not only our own manufactured machines but also those made by other manufacturers.


To meet deadlines and respond quickly, a separate department deals with service reports and maintenance requests.


Preventive maintenance
During preventive maintenance, the experts of Robot-Service Kft. perform the planned inspection of the robot arm, robot cell and target machine, as well as the necessary replacement of parts and repairs. The necessary oiling, greasing, filter replacement and cleaning are also part of prevention.


The following preventive maintenance works may be due:
-Based on a planned time interval
-Based on operating hours
-Based on a combination of time interval and operating hours

-Predictable maintenance costs
-Predictable and minimal production downtime
-Reduced risk of major and unexpected breakdowns"



Fault detection
In case of occasional malfunction, the experts of Robot-Service Ltd. arrive on site with a short deadline and start detecting the fault. After fault detection, we perform immediate repair if possible, otherwise we make a service proposal.

In all cases, it is necessary to accept our proposal based on the fault detection to start servicing. Our proposal includes the fault phenomenon as well as the list of necessary parts and actions. We can provide the delivery of parts from our own or manufacturer’s stock. After the repair is completed, we hand over the functioning machine along with the repair report. We provide full warranty for the completed service process. Our service can apply to the entire equipment/cell or its subassembly.


Maintenance contract

Our company provides the opportunity to conclude a long-term maintenance contract. The contract is a mutual agreement between the two companies that includes the details of the service. This allows for discounted preventive maintenance and availability of occasional malfunctions. Availability In case of a maintenance contract, we undertake to provide a visit and start troubleshooting within 24 hours from the fault report. The duration of weekends and holidays is not included in the 24-hour deadline. 0-24 on weekdays and 5/24.

Fault report:

Tel.: +36 70 508 1058
Web: Error reporting form

Service and maintance
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